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Castle Church door, Wittenberg, GermanyBenefits of Christian Group Travel

God is glorified as you and your ministry take time to remember God's providential orchestration of history. Your sphere of influence will benefit from your remembrance. As you contemplate the “living history” when walking through the cathedrals and castles of Christendom, you will understand more fully their cultural and practical relevance to our day.  Lives are not the same after being immersed in the characters and acts of God’s church at significant landmarks of faith. Their words and music will renew your mind and refresh your soul.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a CTP group leader: 

  • Relax as professional guides take you to the quaint and spectacular destinations that make history come to life.
  • Contemplate the “living history” as you walk through the castles and cathedrals of Christendom. As we engage all of our senses
    through travel our spiritual and cultural heritage unfolds before us.
  • Recapture the eternal truths of Christendom and Western Civilization and apply them anew to your time and place in history.
  • Consider bringing children and grandchildren on tour as they will carry the torch of Christian culture into their future. It is time to take advantage of the amazingly affordable prices for families.
  • Resources are available for tour commentary and trip preparation. Your leadership will be enhanced and your vision for ministry will increase as you offer others this opportunity to explore their faith and experience Europe and beyond. 
  • Marketing Center use of the CTP Marketing Center for easy access to build and develop marketing collateral to export to a variety of media such as web sites, Facebook, Twitter etc...to preview the Marketing Center program click here

Specifically, why travel with CTP?

  • We have over 50 years travel experience with a quality family business/ministry.
  • Our prices are very competitive. With offices in each of the places we travel, we have no “distribution chain” but only direct link to the best quality and pricing in the industry. Now more than ever there are price advantages to travel to Europe and the Bible Lands.
  • All tour itineraries are designed to allow you the time to truly experience each city you visit and minimize the time spent traveling
    in motorcoaches. Every detail of your tour is prepared by CTP. Each hotel is handpicked for its location, uniqueness and charm.
  • Tour organizers receive complimentary travel and other travel benefits with our “Go Free” program.
  • We have personal relationships with city leaders and tourism offices to help ensure customized benefits for the best possible experiential travel. We also have the distinguished privilege of being officially endorsed by a number of government tourism offices.
  • We personalize and customize our tours to meet the requests, interests and religious intent of your church or ministry. Call today and plan the trip of a lifetime!
  • We will happily provide client references.

Becoming a Tour Leader Is Easier than You Think!

Customize your tour and travel free as a CTP group leader. Our experienced staff will guide you through the planning stages and will personally assist you until departure. You will be surprised how easy it is to make your tour a reality—and a success!

How do I begin organizing my tour?

The most important factor in the success of your tour is your own unconditional decision that you are going to travel and that you are going to take a group of your parishioners, ministry supporters, and other friends with you. Once you have taken this step of faith yourself - the rest is easy. Experience shows that it is best not to make your commitment conditional on others agreeing to go with you. For example, one pastor made his trip conditional on having seven other couples go with him. But the commitment was so tentative that it discouraged potential travelers.

A key element in the success of your tour is to delegate one or two individuals as tour coordinators. These would be individuals who you know would like to join the tour and who would help you in the recruitment of others. Once selected, allow your tour coordinators to assist you with the activities outlined on pages 8 and 9. As the group grows, you may even want to include these individuals in the benefit package or free travel offer.

What are my responsibilities as the Pastor Host/Group Leader?

A pastor host/group leader with CTP recruits tour members, serves as group leader at the airports and leads the group as its spiritual leader. The pastor host/group leader has no obligation as tour manager or guide, because a professional Tour Manager accompanies all CTP tours.